Hoffman Media exceeds revenue goals with ZINIO Pro


Hoffman Media improves user experience and exceeds revenue goals with ZINIO Pro

Hoffman Media began as a small special-interest publishing company in 1983, and has since grown to become a leader in the cooking and entertaining markets. Today, the company publishes eleven magazines, reaching over seven-million readers. Hoffman Media has a commitment to excellence in every page of their magazines. By partnering with ZINIO, Hoffman Media ensured that commitment carried over to the mobile experience, increasing revenue and exposure in the process.

The Challenge
With Hoffman Media’s continued growth, maximizing the profitability of their catalog across digital platforms was a necessity. Jon Adamson, Hoffman Media’s Vice President of Digital Media, was focused on addressing the issues of their apps from the previous providers. Jon Adamson said, “the most important pain point was the poor user experience, and as a result, we were not selling as many magazines as we were previously.” 

“What we were coming from,” Jon Adamson describes, “was very difficult for customers to find back issues and the way they were organized was not intuitive.” The substandard user experience would prove to be a critical issue, as revenue began to decline. Hoffman Media partnered with ZINIO to improve library design, functionality, and navigation, and to refine the mobile reading experience for its users.”

“Contrary to where we were a year ago, we’ve been meeting and exceeding revenue goals, which we were definitely not doing with the previous provider."
- Jon Adamson, Vice President of Digital Media at Hoffman Media

The Solution
The evergreen nature of Hoffman Media’s content fosters a high demand for back issues. As their titles are available on the ZINIO newsstand and distribution network, much of Hoffman Media’s catalog was already converted, and ready for publishing. Hoffman Media worked with ZINIO to produce mobile-optimized versions of additional back issues still in demand. Collaborating with ZINIO, Hoffman Media was able to deliver mobile optimized back issues to their readers, creating an incremental source of revenue.

To capitalize on Hoffman Media’s large and expanding catalog, a platform with exceptional functionality and room for growth was needed. With ZINIO, Hoffman Media provides readers with a personal library for downloaded issues, and a dedicated section for special issues. “Being able to have SIPs and regular issues in different tabs was a vast improvement,” states Jon Adamson, “and having the Library tab that ZINIO offered provided our users a much better way to access their purchased issues."

iPhone-6S-Front+Angled-PSD-MockUp-4The ability for Hoffman Media to bring its readers a seamless reading experience was critical in the decision to partner with ZINIO. Now powered with ZINIO’s responsive design, Hoffman Media’s apps provide the optimal mobile reading experience, with fully responsive functionality. With ZINIO’s own Customer Service team handling all user inquiries for Hoffman Media apps, a best in-class customer support system ensures a smooth and enjoyable reading experience.

The Results
“Contrary to where we were a year ago, we’ve been meeting and exceeding revenue goals, which we were definitely not doing with the previous provider,” said Jon Adamson. “One year from where we started, things are turning around and that’s been very promising for us to see.”

Improved library management and mobile-optimization were essential for Hoffman Media to maximize the potential of it’s expanding catalog. Says Jon Adamson, “All of this contributed to a better user experience for our customers and we’re seeing it in the revenue dollars.”

The success of Hoffman Media’s partnership with ZINIO has been profitable not only for in-app sales, but in revenue generated from ZINIO distribution channels. “Having that improved user experience and ZINIO’s help from the marketing standpoint, we’ve been able to see good results all around,” adds Jon Adamson.

Hoffman Media and their dedicated Account Manager continue to collaborate on ZINIO newsstand marketing opportunities, exploring new ways of monetizing Hoffman Media’s evergreen content. Jon Adamson states, “We have been talking about some new ways of leveraging the content outside of the app. ZINIO is developing additional revenue sources which is something we’re very interested in pursuing with ZINIO.”

Having that improved user experience and ZINIO's help from the marketing standpoint, we've been able to see good results all around.
- Jon Adamson, Vice President of Digital Media at Hoffman Media

About Hoffman Media:
Hoffman Media, LLC (HM) is a leading special-interest publisher, specializing in publications targeted to the women’s market and the large base of advertisers who seek a print, online and interactive medium to reach this attractive demographic. In addition to publications, HM has a growing consumer event business and an established ancillary products division. The company has experienced steady and remarkable growth since its founding. For more information, visit www.HoffmanMedia.com.

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