ZINIO Pro's Responsive Mobile and Tablet Magazine Apps

mobile tablet apps


ZINIO Pro has released over 1,000 apps across the Apple and Google Play App Stores. With ZINIO Pro it is simple to move beyond a replica to a responsive format across mobile and tablet, without having to increase production costs and resources. ZINIO Pro maintains and produces your apps, while your brand remains front and center for your subscribers. ZINIO Pro is the leader in app development and responsive content production.


OnePager_Apps_Column1.jpegResponsive Layouts Go Beyond Replica:

  • Beautifully laid out magazine content on mobile and tablet in your brand specific app
  • No more need for pinch and zoom
  • Change the text size for easy reading


social mediaThe Social Portal for your Readers:

  • Display your YouTube channel, Instagram feed and Pinterest boards
  • Continuously update your subscriber vie real time RSS feeds



increase circulationIncrease Circulation:

  • Fully auditable content, even when the replica is not included
  • Enable your print subscribers with print+digital bundles
  • Offer pure digital bundles through your fulfillment house

pdf xml htmlReduce Production Costs:

  • Automated XML and image extraction from PDF you provide us
  • No need to manually lay out pages for tablet and mobile
  • Easily enhance extracted print issues with streaming video, additional galleries and embedded HTML

Excite your advertisers:

  • Include your print ads in your responsive digital edition
  • Automatically link ads to the advertiser URL
  • Provide click-through and view metrics



Effortless Migration to ZINIO Pro from Existing Solutions:

mobile tablet apps

Migration from a solution such as Adobe DPS, or from a replica only provider, is done in as little as four weeks. ZINIO Pro has the experienced team in place to make a seamless transition:

  • A dedicated onboarding team
  • Deep technical experience on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, retaining existing subscribers and renewals
  • Fulfillment House integration to new apps
  • Inclusion of Back Issues
  • Automated layout optimization for current and back issue formatting



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